Beckley Mid Century Writing Desk

Beckley Mid Century Writing Desk

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$ 249.99

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  • Top Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Base Material: Manufactured Wood + Solid Wood
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes

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This is an amazing desk. The instructions are intimidating and not too easy to follow. However, that being said, it’s AMAZING. make sure you pay attention to the drawer slider instructions, and word to the wise that’s an intricate and difficult to understand process. The drawers, once assembled work beautifully. The key when you are removing part F-1 the drawer slider is to look for the hook, it’s there! Once you separate the parts the pre-drilled holes will look as if they do not align but they do. You have to line the first hole up and screw it down and the move the slider back and forth to align the rest the screws for the legsremaininsscrews. The screws


Delivered within a week, took about 2 hours total to put together. As long as you take your time with it, you should be fine, don't use power tools when screwing the screws into the top part of the desk to avoid having them push through. The bottom drawer slides very smoothly but the top one sticks slightly, not too noticeable. Overall it works very well with my space and I really enjoy the colour and look of it.


This was an excellent purchase! The desk I bought is white and came without blemishes or marks. It was easy to mount (only one person), and it took me only 2 beers to mount! The drawers move smoothly and the too is flat (bought a desk off Let Go, and the top had an incline). Also the materials and desk mount is sturdy and very pleasing to the eye. I would buy this desk again no questions asked! Highly recommend!


perfect size for my space. matches everything i bought.


I purchased the forest green desk for my home office and I have no regrets! It’s perfect, simple and unique!! The brass hardware give it a modern look, can go with any style and fit in any room due to its clean sleek look. Must Buy!!


Very minimalist doesn't take up much space but still has plenty of desktop area.


Stunning desk. Great manufacturing and super sturdy. I’m incredibly happy with it for my home office.


My favorite purchase here so far! Love my desk’


Clean lines, large enough of a work space, but not clunky looking, nice quality - VERY HAPPY!


I was really surprised for the price point this desk is great quality. I love the drawers dont slam, they slide perfectly. I love the brassy gold details ties to the rest of my room perfectly. Pretty easy to build just gets a little tricky with the drawers, if they top piece isn’t on the right side they won’t close properly. Took a bit to realize I had the bottom piece on top. I had to flip everything.